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Trailer - GRENKE Chess Open 2018

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen returns to Karlsruhe!
Join the largest chess tournament in Europe and experience Magnus Carlsen live!

Highlights - GRENKE Chess Open 2017

Over 1200 chess players from all around the world gathered in Karlsruhe to play the game of minds.
Enjoy our highlight video of the whole chess event and look forward to the GRENKE Chess Open 2018.



Nikita Vitiugov wins GRENKE Chess Open 2017

Nikita Vitiugov is the winner of the GRENKE Chess Open 2017. The 30-year old grandmaster from St. Petersburg scored 7,5 points out of 9 rounds. Three other players scored 7,5 points as well, but due to a better Buchholz, Vitiugov clinched the title. Maxim Matlakov landed on place two, Etienne Bacrot and Zdenko Kozul also scored 7,5 points and landed on place three and four.

Nikita Vitiugov

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