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Highlight Video - Round 2 of the GRENKE Chess Classic 2017

Hou Yifan scores against Georg Meier and takes the lead at the GRENKE Chess Classic 2017. Vladimir Fedoseev is unbeaten at the GRENKE Chess Open and claimed the pole position after round 7.
GM Peter Leko and IM Lawrence Trent made a short recap of round 2 for us - Enjoy our highlight video!


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Four Winners

After the 6th round of the GRENKE chess open 4 players are leading the tournament with 5,5/6. With Richard Rapport, Vladimir Fedoseev und Nils Grandelius we see 3 top grandmaster in this group as well as Meilis Annaberdiev who snug into the group of the leading four players. The International Master from Turkmenistan surprised everyone with a quick win with the black pieces against a much higher rated grandmaster.

Vladimir Fedoseev is playing for the tournament win

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A wave of draws

The 5th round of the GRENKE Chess open reunited the leaders and the chasers again.The first 4 boards all drew their games so there is no player with a clean score anymore. Altogether there are 20 players now with 4.5/5. This means the fans following the GRENKE chess open can expect an exciting finnish on the last 4 rounds of the tournament.

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The GRENKE Chess Classic 2017 has begun

Today the GRENKE Chess Classic has begun. This year the chess event in Karlsruhe turned into a unique chess festival. We produced a highlight video of round 1 for you. Good luck with your preparations for round 6!

You can find further videos about the GRENKE Chess Classic and the GRENKE Chess Open on our YouTube-Channel

Nine players in front

It was clear from the beginning of the fourth round that the GRENKE Open is one of the toughest chess tournaments in the world. Several players made the decision to agree on quick draws in order to save their strength for coming games. Among them were Andrey Sumets and Nikita Vitiugov, who had already finished their game before other players entered the room. Of course battles were also fought in the main field, and nine strong title holders will continue further in the tournament after the first four rounds. Among them is the Swedish Nils Grandelius pictured below.

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