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Grenke Chess Classic und Open finden 2022 nicht statt

Die GRENKE Chess Classic und Open stehen für Masse und Klasse, eine Verbindung von Breiten- und Spitzensport. Auch wenn die Coronaentwicklungen uns in den letzten Wochen positive Signale für die Zukunft aufzeigen, haben unsere Gespräche ergeben, dass es für ein Event dieser Art zu Ostern 2022 noch zu früh ist. Das Organisationsteam hat sich deshalb in Abstimmung mit dem Sponsor zur endgültigen Absage für 2022 entschlossen.   


Bleiben Sie gesund.


Christian Bossert

1.Vorsitzender Schachzentrum Baden-Baden e.V.

Grenke Chess Open 2021

Last year we hoped to see you all again in good health at the GRENKE Chess Open 2021.

The GRENKE Chess Open brings together chess players from Germany and all over the world, whether newcomers or top grandmasters. Unfortunately, such an event is currently not possible.

At the moment we and our partners cannot foresee an alternative date this year. We will therefore refund all paid entry fees in the next few days. Please allow us two weeks to process the refund.

We would like to thank you for your trust and renew our wish from last year: stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you again soon at the GRENKE Chess Open!

GRENKE Chess Open 2020 is cancelled

Due to the "General decree of the city of Karlsruhe on the prohibition of events and closure of facilities to prevent the spread of the corona virus (SARS-CoV 2)" published Friday (in German), the GRENKE Chess Open 2020, which had record pre-registration figures up to now, unfortunately cannot take place.

The organization team of the organizing club Schachzentrum Baden-Baden e.V. has already invested a lot of energy and financial commitment in the preparation of the event. As we can hardly predict further developments in connection with the coronavirus, we do not see any possibilities for a replacement date this year at the moment.

All participants who have already paid the entry fee now have the following possibilities:

  1. Use of the entry fee for the GRENKE Chess Open 2021 from 1st to 5th April 2021, thus securing the start at the entry fee prices for the year 2020, even if there should be an increase in the entry fee for the year 2021, which has not yet been determined today.
  2. You will become a member of the Schachförderverein Schachzentrum Baden-Baden e.V. and the first annual fee will be deducted from the entry fee. You can donate the remaining amount and, if you wish, receive a donation receipt or have it refunded. You can find the membership application form here.
  3. Conversion of the entry fee into a donation to the Schachzentrum Baden-Baden e.V. and on request you will receive a donation receipt.
  4. Refund of the entry fee.

Please inform us of your choice using this form. Please give us a few weeks time to process your request. Thanks a lot.

The team of the GRENKE Chess Open hopes to see you all healthy again at the latest at the GRENKE Chess Open 2021.

Announcement 2020

In 2020 the biggest open tournament in Europe will again take place in Karlsruhe during the Easter Holidays, from 9th till 13th april.

The announcement can be downloaded here: Click!

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